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Bella Fora Damask Rose Oil Primrose Oil - Vitamin C

Bella Fora Damask Rose Oil Primrose Oil - Vitamin C

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馃尮 饾惗鈩庰潙⑻侌潙涴潙 饾憽饾憸虃饾憱 饾憦饾憱饾憭虃虂饾憽 饾憦饾憥蹋饾憶 饾憪饾憸虂 饾憶鈩庰潙栶潙捥偺饾憿 饾憼饾憿虥蹋 饾憴饾憿虥蹋饾憥 饾憪鈩庰潙溙p潙, 饾憽饾憸虃饾憱 饾憪饾憥虊饾憵 饾憸虥饾憶 饾懀饾憱虁 饾憦饾憥蹋饾憶 膽饾憥虄 饾憪鈩庰潙溙p潙 饾憪鈩庰潙⑻侌潙涴潙 饾憽饾憸虃饾憱.


馃憣馃憣馃憣 5 S峄 TH岷琓 B岷燦 CH漂A BI岷綯 V峄 Bella Fora!

馃尭VI脢N U峄怤G TH茽M C茽 TH峄 - 峄擭 膼峄奛H N峄業 TI岷綯 T峄

Ngo脿i t谩c d峄g ch铆nh l脿 鈥淗瓢啤ng Th啤m T峄 Th芒n鈥 th矛 li峄噓 b岷 膽茫 bi岷縯 膽瓢峄 nh峄痭g 膽i峄乽 n脿y v峄 Bella Fora ch瓢a?

馃尯 锔廈ella Fora kh么ng ph岷 l脿 thu峄慶.

Bella Fora l脿 d岷g vi锚n u峄憂g t峄昻g h峄 d瓢峄g ch岷 t峄 c谩c th脿nh ph岷 t峄 nhi锚n gi煤p h峄 tr峄 c谩c ch峄ヽ n膬ng trong c啤 th峄, v矛 v岷瓂 b岷 膽峄玭g nh岷 l岷玭 Bella Fora l脿 thu峄慶 ch峄痑 b峄噉h nha!

馃尯Gi煤p h啤i th峄 th啤m tho.

Ngo脿i vi峄嘽 l脿m c啤 th峄 th啤m t峄 nhi锚n th矛 Bella Fora c峄眂 k矛 hi峄噓 qu岷 trong vi峄嘽 峄ヽ ch岷 m霉i h么i trong khoang mi峄噉g g芒y ra b峄焛 th峄ヽ 膬n ho岷穋 h峄 ti锚u h贸a.

馃尯Thay th岷 膽瓢峄 n瓢峄沜 hoa.

N岷縰 b岷 c贸 l脿n da nh岷 c岷 kh么ng s峄 d峄g 膽瓢峄 n瓢峄沜 hoa th矛 h茫y nh峄 r岷眓g Bella Fora c贸 th峄 d霉ng thay th岷 膽瓢峄 n瓢峄沜 hoa 膽岷.

馃尯Gi岷 kh么 r谩t, t膬ng c瓢峄漬g "cu峄檆 y锚u"

Bella Fora gi煤p 膽瓢峄 b岷 膽i峄乽 h貌a n峄檌 ti岷縯 t峄, qua 膽贸 gi岷 kh么 r谩t, gi煤p "cu峄檆 y锚u" tr峄 n锚n h瓢ng ph岷 h啤n.

馃尯 膼i峄乽 h貌a n峄檌 ti岷縯 t峄

Nh峄 ch峄ヽ n膬ng c芒n b岷眓g n峄檌 ti岷縯 t峄 m脿 Bella 膽em 膽岷縩 r岷 nhi峄乽 l峄 铆ch nh瓢 gi岷 m峄 n峄檌 ti岷縯, gi岷 stress c膬ng th岷硁g, t膬ng c瓢峄漬g sinh l媒 n峄 ...

馃崁Th岷璽 tuy峄噒 v峄漣 v峄沬 1 s岷 ph岷﹎ c贸 ch峄ヽ n膬ng 膽峄檆 膽谩o v脿 ch膬m s贸c c峄眂 k矛 hi峄噓 qu岷 cho s峄ヽ kh峄廵!

Amount: 35 capsules/container

Bella Fora is extracted from rose essence to give your body a natural and seductive scent. In addition, the product also maintain hormonal balance, beautifies the skin, and slow down the aging process from deep within, keeping the body healthy and full of vitality.

How will Bella Fora benefits your body?

Bella Fora soft capsules form will quickly dissolve within 10-20 minutes as it enteres the body. Then the molecules that carry the scent will travel to your body's sweat gland, which when excreted will continue to spread the scent throughout your body.

When active, your body will naturally emits a sweet and charming aroma.

Vitamin E extract from almonds helps slowing down the aging process.

Ingredients of Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) in primrose essence support estrogen balance, and improve pre-menopausal conditions.


Use 2 capsules/day. Drink with warm or filtered water.

On important occasions (meeting, dating,...) drink 30 minutes in advance.

It is reccomended to use the product before going to bed since night time is the prime time for the body to product hormones

The product will take affect from 4-8 hours

Use regularly to maintain the effectiveness of the product.

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