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Genie Saffron Serum Glow Booster Brightening Age Delay 30 ml

Genie Saffron Serum Glow Booster Brightening Age Delay 30 ml

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Genie Saffron Serum 30ml is 100% extracted from saffron pistil on modern industrial line of Korean origin, capable of stopping skin aging process, helping to restore skin



Saffron Serum is extracted 100% from expensive, rare saffron pistil of the Middle East, produced on the modern technological line of Korea's leading cosmetic corporation Genie.


Saffron contains more than 150 types of vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and minerals that effectively regenerate the skin, fight aging, and treat acne.



  • Restores skin, nourishes firm, smooth skin
  • Saffron Genie Saffron Serum 30ml also helps improve skin pigmentation, limit dark pigmentation, help lighten the skin evenly.
  • Products containing essences to help whiten skin, restore sunburned skin.
  • Best of all, saffron Genie Saffron Serum 30ml inhibits melamin causing melasma, melasma, preventing bruises effectively.
  • The essences of saffron Genie Saffron Serum 30ml serum helps maintain moisture for skin, improve dry, rough skin to become smoother.
  • Moreover, they promote skin regeneration, increase skin elasticity, help skin become firmer.
  • Especially, the product has anti-inflammatory, acne-fighting, anti-oxidant properties, helps protect the skin against environmental damage.
  • Advantages of Genie Saffron Saffron Serum 30ml Serum
  • Saffron Genie Saffron Serum 30ml Serum has 3 outstanding functions: skin care, whitening, preventing aging and many outstanding advantages:
  • Skin care: has a deep moisturizing effect inside the skin, giving the skin a smooth, pink complexion.
  • Skin whitening: with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, saffron, saffron, Genie Saffron Serum 30ml Serum will blow away acne marks, melasma, make the skin bright and even.
  • Prevent aging: just after 1 week of use you will feel markedly wrinkles, crow's feet gradually disappear, skin firmer.


Genie Saffron Serum 30ml pure extract from saffron extremely expensive and rare saffron that has the ability to provide good moisture, penetrate quickly without causing greasy or clog pores. The benign serum ingredient does not contain any chemicals so it does not irritate the skin and is safe for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones.


Genie Saffron Serum 30ml has been certified for the quality of the Korean Ministry of Health and the US FDA organization recognized. Therefore, you can feel secure when using.

The product is trusted by a large number of consumers: Not only in Korea but also present in many countries around the world that many women love and use.

Quick effect: After just 1 week of use, you can clearly see how the skin changes on the face become smoother and evener.

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