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MediAnswer Collagen Firming Up Mask 25g - Anti-aging, Wrinkle&Brightening Care

MediAnswer Collagen Firming Up Mask 25g - Anti-aging, Wrinkle&Brightening Care

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What it is
- A collagen-based anti-aging solution mask that permeates into your skin.

- Contains 77% of collagen extract.
- Based on collagen supplied by the Weishardt Company, a 178-year-old French supplier of high-quality collagen products.
- Based on a patented TDS technology of Samyang Biopharm, active ingredients are delivered directly to the skin.
- Skin temperature reduced by 6.71 ℃
- Offers a skin temperature cooling effect and relieves skin irritation caused by UV rays
- Gives you moist and form skin by delivering collagen's freshness directly to your skin.

How to Use
- Clear up the skin with toner after cleansing, take the mask pack and remove the white film on one side.
- Attach the upper half with your eyes at the center and the lower half with your mouth at the center.
- Remove the mask after 30 minutes and absorb the essence remaining on the skin by lightly tapping it with your fingers.

Main Ingredients
- Collagen extract 77%: High-quality collagen from France
- 17 amino acids: Major components of skin protein
- 4 peptide: 4 peptide complexes
- Damask rose water: Helps supply moisture
- Adenosine, Niacinamide: Functional ingredients for wrinkle and whitening care
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